Business Equipment Financing

Business Equipment Financing

If it’s commercial equipment financing/leasing regardless of what type of equipment you are acquiring you’ve come to right place. Funding Well Capital provides diverse loan and lease options no matter your business’ need is. We will provide customized business solutions designed to get you the equipment you need.

We’ve carefully staffed our team with savvy professionals from all sectors of the financial world, and we use that to your advantage. It’s to your benefit to work with someone with experience in your specific field who knows what obstacles you face on a day-to- day basis.

We provide particular expertise in:

– Chemicals & Plastics
– Construction Equipment Financing
– Food and business
– Commercial Equipment Financing
– Metals & Mining Financing
– Microelectronics Equipment
– It Equipment
– Office Imaging
– Retail Financing
– Printing & Publishing
– Services (insurance, law firms, etc.)
– Technology Financing
– Test & Measurement
– Wholesale / Distribution

Common Leases Offered


FMV (Fair Market Value) Leases

One of the most common types of leases, an FMV lease is a flexible one, perfect for companies who are undecided on whether they want to own the equipment or just use it for a certain period. An FMV in most cases allows for the lowest monthly payment; for you are not paying the equipment off in full over the payment schedule. FMV leases also afford businesses the opportunity to use the monthly lease as part of an operating expense deduction, therefore providing you with a solid tax incentive. Because technology and commercial equipment depreciate quickly, more often than not financing equipment doesn’t always merit ownership. Why own something that’s will wear out or be obsolete, right?

Dollar Buyout Leases

A leasing option similar to a capital lease agreement where at the end of the term the lessee is given the option to buy the asset for a dollar. A dollar buyout lease appears on a balance sheet as an asset because of the assumed ownership at the end. Compared to an FMV lease, a dollar buyout lease traditionally has higher monthly payouts as the bulk of the equipment cost is paid during the lease.

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