Commercial Trucking Financing

Commercial Trucking Financing

The transportation industry is the engine which makes America go, but starting or growing your business requires a good deal of overhead. You need an endless amount of equipment and working capital to get moving.

Funding Well Capital is here to help you hit the road by providing commercial transportation financing. We offer low-interest rates and always have someone on hand to answer any of your trucking questions. We have a team staffed with professionals from all corners of finance and offer the customer service of a small bank.

Common Classifications of Trucking Employees



These are individuals that own their own trucking businesses either through leasing through a carrier or under their own authority with their own Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier numbers. The US has over 350,000 registered owner-operators, many of whom lease to larger carriers operating under their own DOT numbers. Owner-operators are generally experienced truckload carriers with an average age of 55 years old. Some of the biggest expenses are owning trucks and trailers, gas and maintenance.

Independent Contractor

Rather than only singularly employ a driver, trucking companies will hire out independent contractors. This protects companies from liabilities and damages caused by drivers. Independent contractors are at-will employees who reserve the right to decline loads, set their own hours, establishes routes, etc. In this relationship, the company reserves the right to do what they want with the employee without many repercussions.

Commercial trucking

Larger companies will employ fleets with drivers who work are full-fledged employees. Expectations are not unlike the relationship between companies and employees. Dedicated routes, retirement plans, uniforms, hours, time off — the terms are dictated by the trucking company but incentivize drivers to join the team with perks and benefits.
No matter if you’re a trucking company, an owner-operator or an independent contractor, it’s necessary to have a partner you can trust to get you the equipment you need. Funding Well Capital has a rich history of helping companies finance what it takes to hit the road.

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