Equipment Financing/Leasing Rates

Equipment Financing/Leasing Rates

As companies grow and expand the inevitable demand for equipment only increases. Many of our clients have worked with larger banks in the past and were turned off by their experiences. That’s why we at Funding Well Capital have committed ourselves to offering a hassle-free approach to helping you finance your equipment. We offer the lowest rates and promise quick approvals, welcoming all credits and offer tailor-made options.

Historically, many banks have a one-size fits all approach to leasing. Their communication and attentiveness to clients were poor because they moved at their own pace, and not in sync with the customer’s needs. We’ve heard the complaints of “overpromised and under-delivered” more times than not.

Transparency is fundamental in our daily practices here at Funding Well Capital. We want all our clients to understand what is involved in all aspects of their engagement from beginning to end. This has been a trademark of our business and is commitment by each and everyone at our company. We realize that these are important decisions and only accurate information must be involved.

The Funding Well Capital Difference


Our Promise

Our promise is that if you have good personal and business credit, you will qualify for our lowest possible rate (save for some extenuating circumstances). Even, if you have credit challenges, we’ll still provide a very low, competitive rate.

We Listen

We listen to what the business owner is trying to accomplish. We’ll utilize our experiences from other transactions to make recommendations. We’re different in that we’re not just going to provide, say, an SBA application for that would be the most convenient method for us. Again we’ll examine what are the best potential options available for you to achieve your goals.

We're Committed to you

We’re not a small company, but we treat everyone like a corner shop. Everyone we engage with our commitment is that you know that someone cares about your business and is willing to listen. If there’s something we can’t do, we won’t run you around in circles and waste your time. We’ll be upfront, informative and direct. In those rare instances that we cannot do it, we’ll make recommendations to put you in touch with someone that may be able to help.
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