Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

When trying to make a significant acquisition for your business where financing and leasing are your preferred payment, having bad credit from your past can cause you a great deal of stress. Will you be approved? Is it even worth trying? No matter your industry, you can’t operate without the necessary equipment. And in reality having the ability to lease or finance the equipment can be critical.

Don’t know where to turn? We here at Funding Well Capital have solutions for credit scores of all kinds. We’ve worked tirelessly over many years providing clients of all sizes with customized financing plan no matter their credit history. We pride ourselves in helping business owners see their projects and ideas come to fruition with the best financing terms available.

Before you submit an application, we can do a credit preview and quickly assess the probability of your approval, approximately what your pricing will look like, and what kind of terms you’ll have. What differentiates us is we have long-term financing relationships with
sources that are structured to handle many credit scenarios.
To better illustrate, instead of working with five banks that specialize in the same type of financing, we use with banks with diverse specialties — banks that underwrite differently. Maybe one bank will focus on your credit history and tenure exclusively. Another might notice you have bad credit but good cash flow and be able to qualify you. A different bank might qualify a business a bankruptcy within the last seven years if it’s been completely reconciled and released.
We’re constantly making sure we have as much variety in our credit box as possible, as it’s to our benefit to find the key credit differences between our sources. What makes us incredibly valuable to the general public is that we have done the vetting to monitor the best scenarios across the board, so people don’t have to waste their time or worse off never, get approved at all.

Funding Well Capital understands the difficulties in acquiring equipment when credit may not be perfect. That’s why our team of industry experts from all corners of finance is here to answer your call. We’ll guide you through the financing process and allow you to get to work and prosper. 

Let Funding Well Capital help your business thrive.

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