Green Energy Financing

Green Energy Financing

There are countless advantages in helping your business to “go green.” Developing clean energy for day-to-day uses limits your company’s digital footprint, which preserves precious natural resources by harnessing alternative energy sources. But beyond the benefits for Mother Nature, there are significant financial benefits for your company as well.

Funding Well Capital has been serving companies across the country in all industries for many years, offering low interest rates that coincide with the customer service of a small bank. We’re staffed with experts from all corners of finance who not only understand the importance of green energy, but also the detailed nuances of how to save money through rebates, credits and more.

Why Go Green?


Saving Money, Reducing Emissions

One of the most costly aspects of owning business is paying monthly utilities. Oftentimes, your office’s outdated, energy-draining equipment is increasing these costs. The easiest way to fix these issues and save money on your monthly utilities is to make changes. Common fixes are adding tint or swapping out low-e glass to windows, LED lighting or a new high-efficiency HVAC system.

Good Public Relations

A popular way to showcase what your company is all about is to take initiatives to reduce consumption. Enacting changes to your systems to reduce your carbon footprint can help you market yourself well to like-minded consumers, all while doing your part to save the environment.

Healthier Workplace

By promoting a healthy workplace, your office can become more efficient in terms of employee sick days, increased productivity and less financial payouts for insurance benefits. Having cleaner air, more nutritious meals and exercise options all can contribute to a positive system.

Possessing the capital to completely overhaul your office can be difficult. We’re able to help companies qualifying for a financeable project by guiding you through options in rebate and tax credits. These benefits don’t just happen overnight. Many times they take years to see financial gains. For those reasons, financing is your best option.

Green incentives for Ordinary Businesses


Energy-efficient Commercial Business Deduction

An Energy-efficient commercial business deduction (Section 179D) allows a company to write-off up to $1.80 per square footage in buildings where they install interior lighting, efficient HVAC or hot water systems. Also, the same deduction is available if a business builds envelope property that reduces power use to 50 percent compared to a reference building. Also available are lesser reductions, which in some instances can be deducted up to $0.60 per square foot. This provision is not available for buildings placed in service after 2013. Certification is required otherwise.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

Outlined in Section 48, the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit provides taxpayers a 10 or 30 percent credit for alternative energy property designed to generate power for the taxpayer’s own use. Businesses are allowed to apply to the IRS to use this credit as a grant, which can benefit businesses regardless of their tax situation. Included in this benefit are fuel cell properties, solar properties, wind turbine properties, geothermal production equipment, and more.

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