Lowest Rates and Much More: Our Philosophy Put in Action

“We’re all teased or pressured into conforming to the all-leveling social norms of mediocrity” — H.M. Forester

Lowest Rates and Much More: Our Philosophy Put in ActionIn our experience, we at Funding Well Capital have learned that the general public tends to be myopic when dealing with finance. In a world of instant gratification, we as a society prefer an easily-digested menu of what’s best for us.

In our industry, the first question we’re often asked is “What’s the lowest rate?” While it’s incredibly rare for us not to offer the lowest rate, the beautiful thing about partnering with us is the intrinsic value you’ll also receive through our top-notch customer service and our clear terms.

We aim to defy expectations of what a financing company can do not only by getting you a great deal but also shifting the paradigm of accepted mediocrity from many banks. Here’s how:

Low Rates: Our approach is to provide the lowest rates available categorically to any client. We don’t price vary, either. Why’s that? Our employees aren’t salespeople; they’re financing coordinators who aren’t paid to inflate margins, but rather their job is to keep our customers satisfied and grow relationships. We decided long ago that our success is based on committing to this process, and we’re proud to say we have. We offer a 3.99% interest rate on medical equipment, and we apply that gold-standard financing across all industries.

Clear Terms: One way large banks trap you is by muddying the terms of your agreement. Even with a phenomenal rate, it’s common for hidden fees to substantially impact the overall expenses on a lease. But who has time to read the fine print? Who has a trained eye to catch this stuff? Many banks capitalize on these hidden fees by taking nominal charges and multiplying them by thousands of customers. Buy, hey, you signed the paperwork, right? We avoid headaches by implementing clear terms that don’t require our clients to jump through hoops.

Customer Service: When you call Funding Well Capital, you’ll receive excellent service from a finance specialist who can qualify you. We’ll set a realistic timeline for the approval process and return your requests promptly. People frequently call banks for financing but never receive a callback. Professionalism, expertise, following up — these things are incredibly lacking in our industry. Our philosophy is never to give you the runaround or practice any bait and switch tactics. We genuinely care about the integrity of these services, as we believe our reputation in these aspects of our business is paramount to our success.

With these three key components working hand-in-hand, we’re confident that you’ll have the best financing experience possible.

Call us today at Funding Well Capital to set up a unique financing program for your business.



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