Office Furniture Financing

Office Furniture Financing

So, your business plan is in full gear. No longer are you a one-person wrecking crew sitting in your home office. You finally have the experience and the staff to take you to the next level. But as you sign your office lease, you come to a stirring realization that you have to furnish your space.

In any case, Funding Well Capital has your back. We have the expertise in setting up your office with proper furniture and equipment. No financing request is too big or small for our team of professionals, and we’re happy to help you outfit your office the right way.

Office Furniture Financing Examples



High-end office furniture can be expensive. Cultivating a certain image and brand is essential when doing business. The same way you wouldn’t wear a $100 suit to a meeting with a $1 million client, you wouldn’t be taken seriously if your office were outfitted with folding chairs and card tables. Many times a designer may get involved, which costs money as well.

By the same token, you want your office to be a place where your employees want to spend time. Creating an inviting office setting is a great way to attract employees and keep them around for years.



Keeping your employees connected at their workspaces is critical as well. Having access to sufficient electricity and IT infrastructure ensures you’re constantly connected. Having proper cubicles and accessories are vital, and we can help you finance the perfect equipment for you.


As we learn more about worker efficiency and employee health, installing office furniture to keep your people productive, happy and healthy can pay dividends. Equipment such as standing desks, sit/stand desks, treadmill desks, lumbar support chairs, converters and more are increasingly becoming a staple in offices across the country.


Businesses desire furniture that will last for years to come. Consistently swapping out your equipment as it becomes dilapidated is expensive and troublesome. Financing furniture to stand the test of time is often times more affordable than buying cheap.
We’re able to offer very aggressive financing for office furniture, as we’ve helped many businesses like yours make their offices feel like home. Contact Funding Well Capital, your number one business financing source, to start financing today!

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