Take Care of Holiday Business Now

December 31st is approaching sooner than you think and many obstacles stand on the calendar between now and the time to close business for the year.

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As we approach the end of the year, it’s common for business owners to let the end the year sneak up on them. With family in town for the holidays and the kids out of school your days are spent shopping, decorating and attending holiday parties. This time of year is critical for business, too.

To maximize your enjoyment and minimize your stress, start closing down the end of your business year as soon as possible.

Holiday Bottleneck

Like everything else around holiday time, taking care of your business can get chaotic if not approached with good planning. Banks, malls, and everything else are jammed full of people — lines are long and a menial task can seem like it takes forever. Accomplishing things for your business can bottleneck, too, if you’re not way out in front of it. Save yourself time by taking care of pertinent year-end tasks before you feel the rush. Plus, getting things done early can squash the lingering stress from unchecked responsibilities.

Understanding CPAs Busy Season

CPAs tend to be busiest between two different periods through the year: from Jan. 1 to April 15, and from August 1 to September 15. This is because they maintain an unbalanced calendar, dealing with different client deadlines for a number of accounting/consulting services. If you have any remaining bookkeeping needs, don’t wait until the holidays to get a hold of them your CPA, as they might be taking advantage of a downtime likely are using their remaining vacation days.

– Remember also to take advantage of Section 179 to generate the biggest possible return for your business.

Shipping Industry

If you anticipate shipping or receiving packages over the next couple months, get it out of the way as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the chances of complications arising significantly increase — especially as you near Christmas. Here’s what else to know:

– The busiest day at the post office is December 17.

– According a the USPS, 30 minutes after an office opens is the optimal time of day to miss out on long lines.

– Avoid Mondays, as this is the busiest day of the week to ship.

Have the happiest holiday possible by following these tips and remember to call Funding Well Capital with all of your if you have any questions. Our staff is full of helpful industry experts happy to answer the call!

Look for next week’s post on taking advantage of 2015’s historically low interest rates!



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