Working Capital Financing

Working Capital Financing

Paying bills, payroll, taxes and other expenses are something every business needs to manage. In many instances, businesses have found themselves in such a predicament where they don’t have enough to cover these necessities. In these instances, the best thing you can do for your company is to obtain extra cash through a working capital loan.

At Funding Well Capital, we understand the importance of money in your daily operations is essential in making your business go. We provide flexible payment options with different terms, and we have a 98% credit approval rating.

Why Working Capital Financing?


Retain your equity

Using our working capital programs may help avoid you from having to give up stake in your business. We have seen and heard of many business owners unnecessarily selling their equity to another investor or owner in exchange for cash flow or financial relief.

After all, the best part of owning a business is freedom. And partnering with a lender who can help you cover expenses without relinquishing ownership is a great decision.


Focus on growing your business

It can keep you afloat through hard times, lessening the stress and pressure from collectors by providing you with breathing room.

Depending on your credit history, you may be able to avoid putting up collateral in a working capital financing agreement so long as you pay your loan back on time.


shorter payment period and simple terms

A standard working capital loan usually comes with shorter payment period, simple and understandable terms that don’t require a lengthy approval process. By avoiding many of the headaches and long term commitments that come with financing, you’ll get what you need quickly and easily with no hassle.

No matter your financial predicament, we have you covered. We have successfully provided financing to companies as large as Fortune 500 and as small businesses with 2-5 employees. Our diverse team specializes in excellent customer service and quick approvals, so don’t hesitate to call soon. We’re standing by!

Let Funding Well Capital help your business thrive.

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